Without a structured approach to job hunting, it is easy to get caught up in mindless scrolling, feel stuck and stressed, and not make any progress.

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  • Carmel is an approachable and experienced individual when it comes to dealing with people and helping them get results. She has an apt and intuitive approach to articulating and illustrating things in which people find difficult to say. She is driven and proves herself as an expert in her field alone through her self-starter initiative. I suppose this is a result of her keenness to help people - regardless of status or background.

    Carmel provided a key service to me at a crucial time in choosing career options, for exceptional value for money she also provided me with a prime skill in being able to effectively produce my own distinguished marketing tool when approaching employers - a CV that is different, and stands out.

    Any type of recruiter will tell you that a CV specifically tailored to the job post they are trying to fill is a prerequisite, and fundamental in securing the interview. That is why you should call Carmel!

    Adam Devlin

    Executive Business Partner at Google

  • About a year ago I was feeling very lost in my career, unsure of how to progress or whether or not I should take up something different. Once I had a few sessions with Carmel not only was I given quite a few avenues to explore. She highlighted all the skills I didn't realise I had and she gave me the confidence to explore new options.

    Carmel had some really practical advice for me and was a great sounding board for any fears or worries I had. Thanks to Carmel I am moving forward in my career career and for the first time in a long time has me excited about work again. I cant recommend her enough

    Sinead Brassil

    Presenter 11-1 LMFM radio/ Podcast host

  • I would highly recommend Carmel as a career coach. After completing four sessions with her, I got an interview within a week and was offered the job.

    Carmel’s coaching combines practical tips with mentoring techniques. She helped me identify what type of work would suit my personality. This helped build my confidence to the point that I walked into my interview feeling sure I was the right candidate.

    I enjoyed working with Carmel - she is very likeable and always put me at ease. Her coaching made a difference to my career prospects and, incidentally, my attitude to life outside work.
    Paid Search and Social Media Marketing at NortonLifeLock

    I would highly recommend Carmel as a career coach. After completing four sessions with her, I got an interview within a week and was offered the job.

    Carmel’s coaching combines practical tips with mentoring techniques. She helped me identify what type of work would suit my personality. This helped build my confidence to the point that I walked into my interview feeling sure I was the right candidate.

    I enjoyed working with Carmel - she is very likeable and always put me at ease. Her coaching made a difference to my career prospects and, incidentally, my attitude to life outside work.

    Rachel Gallery

    Paid Search and Social Media Marketing at NortonLifeLock

  • When I began the letter to myself in Carmel’s “Become the me you deserve to be”, I was nervous writing to myself, like meeting someone new or someone that I hadn’t spoken to in a long time, in fact I hadn’t  spoken to myself in too long. Looking inwards is scary as we grow older, we have more to look in at, but I realise now that doesn’t have to be a bad thing, this is how we got to who we are today.

    My grandmother always reminded me that life was not a dress rehearsal and that this was it, life is precious, a collection of moments and we owe it to ourselves, to make each one count, this planner and course helped me do that.

     It was like a gentle exfoliation for the mind and soul, and because of it, I feel refreshed and free and reacquainted with the real me.

    Jacqueline O Rourke


  • I absolutely love this planner! The motivational questions and suggestions are really inspirational, they really make you think. It feels like I'm being coached along as I fill it out and made me keep questioning what is really important to me, as I plan my days, weeks and months. I also love the fact that it has a flexible layout so I could start using it straight away. I'm a big fan of planners and this one ticked all the boxes for me.


  • The difference is night and day! I have been thinking much more positively about myself,

    I feel like I have more energy to do things,

    and best of all I have been identifying a lot of my negative thought patterns that have been with me for years and they are replaced with much more positive ones!”

    Joseph D

  • Well worth buying for anyone who wants to consider how they can get more out of life. Simple and accessible to use, but really makes you think about what matters to you and how you could become happier.

    Miss C B Stern

  • Planner is beautifully designed and easy to follow. It doesn't have too much detail, that will scare you away from picking it up and trying to complete the 10-minute exercises.
    Lovely balance between probing thought-provoking questions and simplicity.

    Helena M Ryan

  • I'm absolutely loving this planner. Its so well designed and really makes you want to use it regularly as its so well thought out. Very inspirational 'A letter to myself' at the start of the planner that helps you commit and feel like you really will get a huge impact from using this planner to achieve your goals.

    Louise O'loughlin

  • I was lucky enough to have Carmel as my coach at a crucial point, not just in my career but also in my life. She was very empathetic yet insightful - helping me to identify and understand my own motivators and needs. Carmel's background and interest in psychology made me feel that she viewed me as a whole person, and not just in respect of my career choices. This was key for me, as I wanted to make changes beyond my working life. She was non-judgemental, incredibly supportive and consistent as I worked through some challenging, constructive and ultimately transformative decisions.
    I would (and already do - regularly!) recommend Carmel as a coach to anyone at any stage in their life and career.

    Zoe O Connor

    Learning and Development

  • A few years ago I attended a Leadership course for Women with another company that was intended to boost confidence, but its focus on first impressions and power posing actually gave my self esteem a hit backwards.

    Carmel's Clarity to Confidence course was so valuable to me by reminding me of where confidence should come from through self reflection and a focus on values.

    The concepts of the course were simple but clear and impactful, and the tools that came with it have been very helpful to keep me on track and moving forward.

    Nicole Butler

    Senior Consultant, Pangolin Associates

  • It was fantastic to work with Carmel!

    She did coaching sessions for our project Women4IT, offering digital training to young unemployed women, and the feedback from the participants was amazing.

    Carmel's workshops give you the confidence you need to reach your goals, whether they are professional or personal.

    If you're looking for help to change your life or your career, I would highly recommend Carmel's workshops, she truly is a wonderful coach!

    Sarah Piazolla

    Professional Services Co-ordinator, Irish Tax Institue

  • If you're looking for a change in your life or career I highly recommend Carmel's Clarity to Confidence Course. Self-reflection and leaving your comfort zone isn't always easy but this course offers really simple, and practical steps to take that journey. It's reassuring to have Carmel experienced guidance along the way.

    Whether you're just feeling stuck and don't know where to start... or just need a little nudge to keep you going you'll get great clarity - and confidence - from this easy, and enjoyable, course.

    Grant Perry

    Head of Marketing, Qweerte


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