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Become The Me You Deserve To Be

Become the me you deserve to be (1)


Would you like to find more time to invest in you but struggle to put yourself first?

Would you like to figure out what you want and where you are going in life but the demands of being a parent, spouse, friend, sibling, employee, employer or student leave you with very little time and energy at the end of the day?

Are you looking for a gift that is both practical and powerful in a very gentle way and is suitable for everyone from a student to a grandparent?

If you answered yes to any of the above or even if you didn't, welcome to the "become the me you deserve to be" 10 minute daily guided planner.
This 12 month planner was designed by a Career and Life coach and will not only help you organize your time more effectively but will help you reconnect with the real you and all your hopes and dreams for your life.
This planner can be started at any time of the year and each month focuses on one of the 3 Pillars that Career & Life coach Carmel Morrissey creates all of her coaching programs around, Clarity, Confidence and Results. These pillars will help you understand you better and guide you towards fulfilment in your life and career.

Each Week begins with a coaching question or suggestion designed to help you to become curious and explore who you are and what you want from life, encouraging you to invest in you in a small way daily and replenish your mind.

The "Become the me you deserve to be" Guided planner is packed with lots of useful tools including;

  152 colour pages
  Monthly Goal setting and Reviews
  Yearly Goal Setting and intentions
  Commitment to yourself

Plus weekly powerful coaching questions, suggestions and motivational quotes from Career and Life coach Carmel Morrissey designed to help you build momentum and think about what you want from this or the next chapter in your life.

Space for you to journal your initial thoughts and feelings relating to the coaching question or suggestion for the week

This planner is about creating time and space for you to become the me you deserve to be.

10 minutes per day for 52 weeks just on you, just think about how far you could go in that time.

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Simplify Your Job Search in 90 Days

Footer Image  Simplify Your Job Search


Are you feeling stuck in your current job but the thoughts of beginning a job search is overwhelming?
Would you like to feel ready to go to the jobs market but you lack the time to invest in the process right now?
Have you been a passenger in your career but now feel ready to start taking control and you would like some guidance?
Or perhaps you have no idea where to start or you are looking for a gift for someone who is feeling that way

I know that you are busy and already have many demands on your time and for this reason, I have created this guided planner that will take you through 90 days (you can complete this at your own pace and take longer or go faster if you wish) to help you save time and energy and ultimately get you the results that you deserve.

We all know that searching for a job can be soul destroying, CV’s disappear in a black hole, time spent with endless scrolling on websites, with this planner you will have a focused approach, you will learn how to approach the process in the driver's seat.

This guided planner is 72 pages packed full of tips and strategies and tasks based around the 3 pillars of my coaching programs, clarity, confidence and results and over 12 years of career coaching experience in this area. It incudes

 72 pages of tips, strategies and activities that will help you take control of the process

 I share with you my coaching tool " the wheel of success" that will keep you on track monthly, allow you to reflect and adapt and improve your strategy for the following month

 Setting Goals and getting clear activities 

 Understanding what you control Vs what is out of your control in this process

 90 day Goal Setting

 Monthly Intentions

 To Do lists with 10 tasks per month

 12 week daily planner

 Monthly Reviews 

 Tips on CV Writing, building confidence, interviewing, your personal brand, LinkedIn and your job search strategy 

 Notes pages for writing your thoughts

 Weekly prompts and motivational quotes

If you are planning on moving jobs or starting to think about the process then this is the place to start, start your journey with me today to your next role, in fact if you know someone who is in a similar position then why not buy one for them also and work through the process together.

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