Online Course

EUR 195.00

An online course for anyone ready to make a change in their career or life.

This course will teach you a three-step process that I use in individual career and mindset coaching sessions to help my clients discover their passion and purpose. 

Get The Results That You Deserve

EUR 195.00

Are your nerves stopping you from getting that job? Perhaps you are getting interviews but not getting over the line or maybe you just want to really elevate your performance?

With over 12 years’ experience coaching for interview in both the private and public sectors at all levels, I use my past experiences as a recruiter and my background in Psychology, emotional intelligence, mind coaching and solution focused Hypnotherapy to help you gain an understanding of what employers look for an interview, access confidence and how to use that to differentiate yourself as a candidate and get the results that you deserve.

You might even enjoy interviewing when we are finished together!


EUR 69.99

Do you ever experience brain fog, feel overwhelmed with the constant demands of life?

Would you like to learn to switch off and quieten your thoughts?

Most of us struggle with this and that's why I created this course with audios, videos and exercises to guide you.

Learn to access relaxation and peace when you need it most

Why wait, begin your journey today!

EUR 69.99

Thinking of changing jobs but feeling overwhelmed at the thoughts of even starting?

Are you applying but not getting results or perhaps you just don't have the time to give to the process?

Join "Simplify your job search in 90 days" today and let me guide you through the process, I will save you time and energy and help you get the results that you deserve.