Equilibrium Coaching FAQs



Coaching FAQs

These are some of the questions people most frequently ask us:

What Can I Expect from a 1:1 Coaching Session?

I will always schedule a short phone call with you prior to you booking your session with me, this is important as coaching is an investment of your time and money and I want to be sure that I can help you make the best use of both. This initial call will allow me to have insight into your areas of concern and we can discuss how best to move forward together, it is also an opportunity for you to see if I am the right coach for you. These calls are not sales calls and there is no obligation at all to work with me if we engage in an introductory call.

As a coach, I am friendly and warm and I completely appreciate that taking the first step into coaching can be daunting, however, the space that we will create together is non judgemental, and a place where you can explore and be honest with what you are feeling and thinking and where we can dig deeper together.

What to Expect after I Book a 1:1 Session?

I see each person as an individual so for that reason my sessions are bespoke and built around your needs. I have a framework around which I work but I am completely flexible as this is your journey and my role as a coach is to guide you along your path. We will discuss some of the key takeaways that you would like to have from our sessions at the beginning of the program.

What's the Difference between Coaching and Counselling?

There are many overlapping areas between counselling and coaching the most obvious one being that they are both “helping professions” and I have worked with many clients who had or were actively attending counselling and in some cases it was recommended by their therapist. There is no doubt that coaching is therapeutic, but it is not therapy. As an experienced coach it is important that I know when a client needs to work with a certified mental health professional.

As a coach I am a solution focused practitioner and in areas where appropriate I can provide advise in  order to help my client reach their goal, counselling can be non-directive.

Coaching is also a short-term relationship and although many of my clients come back for top up sessions over the years and tend to stay in touch with me, my programme has a beginning a middle and an end. Coaching is also focused on future change in comparison to counselling which is often retrospective and focussed on trauma healing etc.

There are many resources on the internet which explore the difference between the two but if you are in any doubt, I am always happy to have an introductory call and we can discuss your potential needs.

What Is Mind Coaching?

Mind coaching works through the three representational systems of visual, auditory, and kinaesthetic, so works for all learning styles. Mind coaching exercises allow us to drill down into a specific issue and provide you with tools that can help you assess potential pitfalls, develop coping tools, and consistently make progress. It is exceptionally beneficial in the areas of building new habits, creating changes, building self-esteem and confidence, and working towards your personal definition of success.

Why Would I Need Career Coaching?

Feeling stuck in your career and not sure what the right next step is?

Feeling stuck in your career or life, worried about change but unhappy with the status quo

You have a goal in mind and need to improve your CV, LinkedIn, Interview skills

At a crossroads in your life, maybe your priorities have changed, and you need a space to evaluate and gain clarity before making any decisions

How Do I Pay?

Payment can be made with Credit & Debit cards; a link will be sent prior to commencement of our first session and payment is due in full unless otherwise agreed. PayPal or bank transfer are also accepted.

How Can I Get the Best Results from Working with a Coach?

This is a great question, and the key really is to be open and curious about the process and also to remember that you are an active participant in the process the more that you can put in the more that you will get out, new habits and behaviours take work to implement.

Beginning coaching can seem daunting and sometimes people worry about not being able to answer questions or if there is even a solution to their problem in the first place and it can all seem overwhelming. I promise you that my sessions will be a place where you can relax and while we might work through questions that seem potentially difficult, I will be there to support and guide you.

Where Do You Coach Your Clients?

Currently my sessions are via zoom, the advantage of this is that I am flexible and happy to do evenings or a weekend if required, again what is important is that we can create the space for you to get the most from this experience.

What Are the Different Services You Offer?

Career Clarity Programme- For those who are thinking about changing jobs or their career and want some guidance, perhaps you know what you want next, or you might be feeling stuck and unsure.

Interview Coaching- you might want to prepare for a specific interview, or you might want to build confidence in your interviewing.

CV Coaching- Review of your existing CV or coaching around how to create a new CV (Template included)

LinkedIn Coaching- Review of your existing profile or how to create a profile and build an online brand as a career or job shifter.

Clarity Call-Perhaps you have an area that you want to explore, and you only need an hour, this might be a situation in the workplace, conflict management, a career decision etc, this session is tailored to your needs.

Online Courses on how to get unstuck, gain clarity and build your confidence to move forward. Self-paced with videos, workbooks and designed to fit around your life, Start and stop as you please.

Workshops & Masterclasses on all of the above topics

Educator & Facilitation & Lecturing on topics above


What Is Your Success Rate?

Unfortunately, that is a difficult question to answer as people come to coaching for a variety of different reasons and success is very personal to them. However, I will promise that you will leave your sessions with clarity.

The best way for you to get a sense of how my clients feel about their sessions with me is to check out my recommendations on LinkedIn here and my website.

Do You Have a Question?

If you're still unsure about the next step or have another enquiry, please do not hesitate to contact me at info@equilibriumcoaching.ie or Get in Touch Here.