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Get coaching to develop a current CV that gets attention and results

or feel confident in your online brand with LinkedIn Profile Development.

There is so much about the job search process that we cannot control, we can’t control availability of the role or who gets shortlisted, and it can all be really frustrating but we can control what we send out in terms of our personal brand.

Our CV is a marketing document, and it is marketing the hardest product in the world to sell which is YOU!

I will let you in on a secret and that is that we all struggle to write our own CV’s, I have been a Career coach since 2011 and I even ran my own CV writing business for 5 years called Fasttrackcvs and I would find it difficult to write my own CV, however, over the last 10 years I have developed a template and 10 steps that make a tough task easier and get you noticed for the right reasons. 

Sometimes it is difficult to see the woods for the trees and having a fresh perspective can make all the difference. I can work with you on a CV review, guide you through the process of writing a new CV or you can choose to have your CV written for you.

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CV Coaching Session Description

In this one and a half hour video call you will:

  Explore how to tailor your CV for your next role.

  Learn how to tailor your CV to job descriptions.

You will receive:

  Ten steps to an Effective CV Process.

  A CV template.

  One follow-up final review via email.

This program is suitable for all levels and is tailored accordingly.


Why might you want CV coaching?

  • You do not have an up to-date CV and you want a document that you can be proud of
  • You have been adding to the same document for years and the CV seems disjointed
  • You are changing jobs/careers and are unsure of how to tailor it.
  • You struggle selling yourself
  • You do not have a CV
  • Your CV is not getting traction and you would like a review

Why work with Carmel?

  • Career coach for the last 11 years with over 10,000 hours experience coaching 100’s of clients to success in their CVs
  • Founder of Fasttrackcvs which was a CV writing business
  • Lecturer/Facilitator on career topics such as CV’s
  • Created the 10 Steps to an effective CV & Template which is used across a variety of organisations as their preferred template



LinkedIn Profile Development

We live in a ”connection economy” which means that there has been a shift from face to face to connecting in a digital space, now more so than ever.

A strong LinkedIn profile puts you on a professional map, but it is important that we consider how we want to be perceived there. We need to remember that people make perceptions-if you do not provide a perception, they will. In other words, we create a personal brand intentionally or unintentionally.

In this session, we will establish exactly what makes you unique and relevant and differentiated from others, so that you can reach your career goals.

You will learn how LinkedIn can be a powerful tool in career transition. Your CV is where you have been, but your LinkedIn profile can be focused to where you are going. This is important if you are planning a career change.

  How to write a strong summary that will get you noticed and increase your visibility.

  Audit tools that you can use to evaluate your profile.

  How to maintain visibility on LinkedIn, build connections and strategies for career/role shifters

€120 for a 1 hour session with a final review

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Adam Devlin - Executive Business Partner

“Carmel is an approachable and experienced individual when it comes to dealing with people and helping them get results. She has an apt and intuitive approach to articulating and illustrating things in which people find difficult to say. She is driven and proves herself as an expert in her field alone through her self-starter initiative. I suppose this is a result of her keenness to help people - regardless of status or background.

Carmel provided a key service to me at a crucial time in choosing career options, for exceptional value for money she also provided me with a prime skill in being able to effectively produce my own distinguished marketing tool when approaching employers - a CV that is different, and stands out.

Any type of recruiter will tell you that a CV specifically tailored to the job post they are trying to fill is a prerequisite, and fundamental in securing the interview. That is why you should call Carmel!”

Executive Business Partner

Equilibrium Coaching
Lynne O'Donnell - M&A Sales Ops

“I worked with Carmel about a year ago while I was wrapping-up my start-up and figuring what my next career move would be. Carmel was an excellent sounding-board and offered insightful yet practical advice. Her ability to spot common traits, in an otherwise eclectic career history, proved invaluable. I have no hesitation in recommending Carmel to anyone at a cross-roads in their career.”

M&A Sales Ops

Interview Coaching-icon One-to-One Programmes
Kumail Toori - Senior Procurement Associate

“Carmel is hardworking person with outstanding view of what her graduate students want and help them to achieve it by making professional CV and tips for their future. Carmel has helped me for what I have achieved so far in my career.”

Senior Procurement Associate

Meet Your Coach

Carmel is a career and mindset coach with over ten years experience. Her knowledge and experience allows her to provide personalised coaching to her clients. Instead of a one-size-fits-all approach, Carmel empowers her clients with the right strategies for their unique needs so they can find their passion and purpose in life. Carmel works with her clients in a variety of ways, all centred around a three-step process to help them find clarity to understand what they really want, build confidence to pursue their goals, and develop strategies to get results. 

Carmel has worked as a career and mindset coach for over 12 years and has been honoured to be recognised for my work.


Awards circle Horizontal

Carmel has earned a number of qualifications including:
  • Diploma in Mind Coaching, Hypnosis and Online Therapy
  • Certificate in Strategic Hypnosis and Mind Coaching
  • Certificate in Equine Assisted Coaching
  • Certificate in Work and Life Coaching
  • Diploma in Dispute Resolution
  • Certificate in Conflict Management 
  • Train the Trainer
  • Certificate in Emotional Intelligence 
  • Professional Qualifications in Psychometrics 
  • BSc in Psychology


Gifting a coaching session is a thoughtful way to support new graduates, career shifters, or anyone ready to pursue their passion and purpose.

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