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The individual coaching you need to find your passion and pursue your purpose.


If you are visiting my website, then there is a good chance you are struggling with one of these problems.

  You feel stuck on a career path you don’t enjoy.

  You want more opportunity.

  You simply aren’t happy (…even if you are successful).

Everyone wants a job that makes them happy. The problem is most people don’t know how to do the work to figure out who the really are and what they really want. And when you don’t know what you want, it makes it really hard to get it.

I believe everybody deserves to discover their passion and purpose in life and I developed this program based on my experience working with hundreds of clients over the last 12 years.

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You will learn a three-step process to:

Investment €420-€460 (Depending on level of experience)

Session Descriptions

This programme includes 3 sessions of 1.5 hours via video call.


Session 1 - Clarity

Clarity puts you in the driver’s seat in your career by helping you understand what you really want. This session is focused on exploration – reconnecting with who you are and what you need to feel fulfilled in your career and life.

I will guide you along this process of self-rediscovery in Session 1 through a series of introspective exercises and discussions exploring:

 When is the last time you thought about what happiness or fulfilment really mean to you?

 Do you know the ingredients of happiness for you personally?

 Do you know what your values are?

These often overlooked questions explore your inner compass.

Often what is missing for my clients is that alignment of values and cultural fit.

 How aware are you of your work motivators?

 When are you most satisfied at work?

Understanding your individual work motivators allows you to move away from feeling stuck and helps you understand what you need from your job/career/life to feel fulfilled. Understanding yourself as an individual leads to fulfilment, and in turn, fulfilment leads to excellence.

 Do you believe you can find your purpose and passion?

 If not, what do you want instead?

Perhaps moving jobs is not an option right now. Perhaps this will be an opportunity to pause, assess, and gain clarity for when the timing is right, whether that is 3 months or 3 years away.

This is the beginning of stepping into the driver’s seat and directing your career.

I will help you recognise transferable skills and strengths that you bring to the table, and we will begin to explore what your next chapter might look like.

Session 2 - Confidence

Confidence is a daily practice and something we need to cultivate. Confidence will only come with clarity.

In this session, we will explore the impact of negative self-dialogue, and I will work with you on exercises and strategies that will help improve your personal growth and give you the power to shift your mindset.

As we gain clarity and recognise what we need to feel more fulfilled, we need to be mindful that moving towards change can often make us feel vulnerable and exposed. Our minds can start providing us with the obstacles that we will have to overcome, the ways we are not up to the task, unhelpful comparisons to others, and predictions of doom.

In my experience, bravery and fear often live in the same house. The thought of moving from the passenger seat to the driver’s seat can be paralyzing but the results can be life changing.

You will still, most likely, meet roadblocks as you embrace career change, but this session will empower you with tools to help you navigate them more easily.

Session 3 - Results

This session is tailored to where you are on your specific journey. We will discuss a plan for you moving forward, and I will guide you through a tool that will help you remain motivated.

Based on your goals, we will select a focus for this session from the following:

  Effective Job Search Strategies

  CV Coaching and Review

  Building Interview Confidence

  Building a Strong Brand on LinkedIn

  Assessing and Building Emotional Intelligence

€420 - €460 (Depending on Experience Level)


Finding the right coach is just as important as the coaching itself.

So let's have a quick chat before you start on this journey where you can ask any questions you may have and get a feel for my coaching style.   

Please include the session you are interested in and your mobile number in the email below. 

Thank you so much for your email. I will do my best to be in contact with you within 24hrs.
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Sinead Brassil - Radio Presenter

“About a year ago I was feeling very lost in my career, unsure of how to progress or whether or not I should take up something different.

Once I had a few sessions with Carmel not only was I given quite a few avenues to explore. She highlighted all the skills I didn't realise I had and she gave me the confidence to explore new options.

Carmel had some really practical advice for me and was a great sounding board for any fears or worries I had. Thanks to Carmel I am moving forward in my career career and for the first time in a long time has me excited about work again. I cant recommend her enough.”

Radio Presenter

Equilibrium Coaching
Tobias Schoch - Global Head of Renewals

“I have been working for over 20 years with a large company based in the USA and was a bit apprehensive when returning to Ireland to pursue a new career. I decided to meet with Carmel to see if she would be able to assist me in finding a new opportunity.

Not only did she provide me with insights about the Irish market but also with additional knowledge about my own skills and application thereof.

I truly enjoyed working with Carmel and I would highly recommend Carmel as a career coach. Her insights made the difference in picking my current employment as well as my new outlook in life.”

Global Head of Renewals

Equilibrium Coaching
Chris Mutch - Procurement Category Manager

“Carmel is an extremely capable and empathetic coach who helped unlock next steps and clarity of direction.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her.”

Procurement Category Manager

Meet Your Coach

Carmel is a career and mindset coach with over twelve years experience. Her knowledge and experience allows her to provide personalised coaching to her clients. Instead of a one-size-fits-all approach, Carmel empowers her clients with the right strategies for their unique needs so they can find their passion and purpose in life. Carmel works with her clients in a variety of ways, all centred around a three-step process to help them find clarity to understand what they really want, build confidence to pursue their goals, and develop strategies to get results. 

Carmel has worked as a career and mindset coach for over 12 years and has been honoured to be recognised for my work.


Awards large

Carmel has over 10,000 hours of coaching experience and earned a number of qualifications including:
  • Diploma in Mind Coaching, Hypnosis and Online Therapy
  • Certificate in Strategic Hypnosis and Mind Coaching
  • Certificate in Equine Assisted Coaching
  • Certificate in Work and Life Coaching
  •  Diploma in Dispute Resolution
  • Certificate in Conflict Management 
  • Train the Trainer
  • Certificate in Emotional Intelligence 
  • Professional Qualifications in Psychometrics 
  • BSc in Psychology

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Finding the right coach is just as important as the coaching itself.

So let's have a quick chat before you start on this journey where you can ask any questions you may have and get a feel for my coaching style.   

To begin your journey you can either email me at , call me at (087) 620 6106 or fill out the form below.

*I aim to respond to all queries within 24 hours* 

Not feeling ready for one-to-one coaching just yet or struggling to find the time to schedule in your sessions then why not try my online “Get Unstuck - Clarity to Confidence Course”.

This online course will teach you the same three-step process that I use in individual career and mindset coaching sessions to help my client discover their passion and purpose.

Included in the online course;

 Three Modules - Clarity, Confidence and Results

 Immediate Access to the Content

 Self-paced Learning

 Over 1.5 hours of video footage to accompany you through the sections

 Downloadable Workbook, 30-day Journal and Printable Cards

Access to stress reduction meditation videos


Gifting a coaching session is a thoughtful way to support new graduates, career shifters, or anyone ready to pursue their passion and purpose.

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