Evict those tenants living rent free today.

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Yesterday I went to support some friends at a horse show, they were showing a young horse in hand and the competition was stiff.

They are horse breeders so this was important to their business.

My friend's partner was showing the horse and is relatively new to horses but he has been extremely successful on the few outings that that they have had despite his lack of experience, so I was curious.

I asked him before the class if he got nervous?
He said "no, what is the worst that could happen - we co…

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I Did It And So Can You


2 weeks ago I posted on LinkedIn about how I went to visit my horse Luath who is just starting to be ridden and rode her, which was a big day for us both.

It might seem like not a big deal and I have ridden most of my life but my confidence took a knock a couple of years ago and didn't really recover, I had a lot going on in my life, I had skin cancer which involved 2 big operations on my face and we had a very sick relative, and looking back I realize that I began telling myself a story about …

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