How to make the right next move in an unpredictable market


It's a strange jobs market at the moment, while many of my clients are enjoying the "candidates market" and taking this opportunity to make a move into something new, some of my network have been made redundant which was very unexpected, especially within the tech sector.

You might be reading this because you have been made redundant or you are considering moving jobs and taking advantage of the buoyant market, if you are in either of these situations please read on.

I will start by outlining a very common scenario at the moment;

Potential client  "I sent my CV out because I want to move from where I am, but now I am not sure if it is the right move"

                Carmel "What made you want to apply for that role in particular and what are you gaining by moving to the role, what are you getting more off or                                      less of that you need?"

Potential Client   "I don't know, all I know is that I want to move from where I am at"

Does that sound familiar?

It is so important to avoid being reactive when moving jobs or following redundancy, I am not suggesting that you don't need to earn income, of course we all have bills to pay but you also deserve to be in a role that not only pays the bills but that makes you as happy as you can be.  That needs planning.

So if like my potential client above you are randomly sending out your CV without taking the time to think about what you are looking for, what you want to move towards in your next role, then you are leaving it up to luck, and why would you take that risk?

So to help you make better decision when moving jobs or starting afresh, I am sharing these 3 tips with you that I know work.

1.If you have been made redundant then there are bound to be feelings ranging from anger to sadness to relief, acknowledge them but don't get stuck in them, look forward.
See this as a new chapter, ask yourself what your priorities are going forward, if you are not sure then try rating these in order of importance to you, salary, location, work-life balance and the job itself. This will help you understand your non negotiables in the next chapter and that will help you apply a filter to potential roles.

2.Avoid being a passenger, take control and figure out what you need in your next role, what do you need to feel motivated in your work, where is your zone of excellence/flow, do you know what your values are, what are you looking for in a company culture.
If you are taking this role to pay bills until you find something else, do you have an exit strategy so that you don't get stuck there?

Be wary of moving away from a role that is making you unhappy without considering what you need to be happier.
What do you need more of in your life or role?
What do you want less of in your life or new role?

3.Please take the time to tailor your CV, if you are applying for countless roles, it is unlikely that you will have the time to really tailor your CV, reverse engineer your profile around the role, build out your CV to include relevant achievements and make sure to update your LinkedIn.

You want to give yourself the best chance to get to interview stage and remember we create a personal brand intentionally or unintentionally make sure that you are creating the right impression.

As always you don't have to figure this out alone, I have spent 12 years working with clients just like you, helping them figure out where there are going and what they really want from their life and career.

If this resonates then reach out and we can talk about how 1-to-1 coaching can help you gain clarity, get confident and get the results that you deserve.


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Your coach,

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