Leave or stay? Why we should take a moment before joining the "mass resignation" movement


Since Covid began the idea of a mass resignation has grown momentum as people have questioned whether they wished to return to their old lives pre-Covid and for many priorities have changed as we have changed as people.

The market has moved from an employer led market to a candidate led market which means a greater availability of roles and more choice which is all positive when you are considering a move. 

However, it is easy to be tempted by change, especially if something is missing in your current role, but in my coaching experience people sometimes leap into something new in order to get away from their current role, not really thinking about where they are going.

It is important to have clarity about your current role and to take a moment to consider what is working and what is not, what do you need more of and what do you want less of in the next role? Can you seek them out in your current role?

If you are not clear in terms of what you want, then there is every chance that you will end up in a role that will not make you happier.


in this short video I give you some areas to consider before you commit to moving so that the next move you make is the right move.

Feeling stuck or unsure about what you want or where you are going? Get in touch and let's figure it out together.

Your coach,



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