Is the Timing Right for a Change?


Over the last 6 weeks clients have asked me the same question, is it crazy to think about moving jobs now, should I just be thankful that I have a job or should I follow my heart or gut and take a risk?

The truth is there is no definite answer to that question, this question is a familiar question though and reminds me of recessionary times. What I said to my clients then stands now, there is much that we cannot control in the current climate but we can control how we react to it and that is to step in to the driver’s seat. Anyone reading this that has worked with me as a coach will be very familiar with what I mean by stepping into the driver’s seat. Most of my clients come for coaching because they seek clarity, they feel stuck and while they may be extremely successful to those looking in, something is missing for them. That piece that is missing could be purpose and passion, an alignment of values or cultural fit. They may have gone into a role from college, worked hard and risen up the ranks or they have may have been approached about roles and headhunted to new roles in organisations, but when we talk about when they last sat and thought about what they wanted in their lives/careers and took control, the answer might have been never. The thought of moving from the passenger seat to the drivers seat can be paralyzing but the results can be life changing.

If moving jobs right not is not an option perhaps you have more time at the moment to pause and assess, I know this is not the case for everyone but if you do have the time, start to consider what you would like the next chapter of your working life/life to look/feel like? This could be a 3 year plan, it could be to make a move in the next couple of months, but it will give you something to start building towards. The feeling of moving forward is so important if we are feeling stuck.

Think about how you would like to think/ feel leaving work at the end of the day, these are your core motivators and a really important piece when we are trying to figure out more about what we are looking for. These can include creating change, recognition, making a difference, advancement, security, challenge, leadership, the list is endless but if you can narrow it down to 5/6 then you begin to get a picture of what you are looking for/missing in your role. Values also play an important part for some when considering what they want in their careers, understanding our values can help us to understand what is meaningful to us. Again, I would suggest narrowing them to 4/5 and using them as a compass to guide our decisions.

What are your top 3 skills that you enjoy using or would like to use in the future?

This introspective work can be done in preparation for when you feel the time is right to move and it means that you can start to develop a picture of what this next role/career will look like.

For those who are ready to move now and want to create a plan this could be an exciting time, we have heard people talk about a “new normal” what if this new normal means that there is a new culture of working from home more, this could open up new roles geographically. How many times have you seen a role that ticks the boxes but the commute is too long or not feasible 5 days per week, what about 1 day per week? So new opportunities could open up. Start to consider what your priorities are in terms of moving, so consider factors such as  location, salary, job title, what are your negotiables and non-negotiables? In other words would you take a lower salary if you had the freedom to work from home, would you travel further for the right role, is salary the priority?

Other controllables that we can start working on include getting ready for market, does your CV sell you, do you have a strong profile at the top that demonstrates your suitability at a glance? Does your LinkedIn represent where you are going in terms of a brand? Are you confident with selling yourself at Interview?

If you are considering a complete pivot, what training is available to you if you need to develop new skills? Check out springboard, your local ETB and online learning platforms such as Coursera and Alison for access to free courses.

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