Life is too short to feel stuck in your career

Many people are unhappy because they feel stuck in their careers. I developed a 3-step coaching process to help my clients gain clarity, build confidence, and get results that lead to more fulfilment in work and life.

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Are you struggling to find the right path forward in your career or life? Maybe you:

 Feel stuck in a career you don’t enjoy.

 Want more opportunity.

 Simply aren’t happy, even though you are successful, and can’t figure out why.

 Feel overwhelmed.

Almost everyone experiences feeling stuck at one point or another, but you don’t have to stay that way. You deserve to find your passion and purpose in life.

Become the me you deserve to be inside our Coaching Academy.

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Learn a three-step process to find clarity, build confidence,
and develop strategies to get results in your career and life


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I'm Carmel Morrissey

I have worked as a career and mindset coach for over 12 years and have been honoured to be recognised for my work.

  Over 10,000 hours of Career Coaching experience.

  Top 20 Coaches in Dublin in 2021.

  Contributor, Outstanding Career and Performance Coaching Business, 2021.

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What Makes Equilibrium Coaching Different?

Maybe you haven’t considered hiring a career or mindset coach before, but when you think about it,
it really makes sense. Why wouldn’t you seek out help with the big decisions in your life?

I have guided hundreds of clients through this process, and the benefits can be life changing.
I never get tired of hearing how my clients have found clarity and confidence to go after their goals.

  • Equilibrium Coaching

    I was lucky enough to have Carmel as my coach at a crucial point – not just in my career but also in my life. She was very empathetic yet insightful, helping me to identify and understand my own motivators and needs. Carmel's background and interest in psychology made me feel that she viewed me as a whole person, and not just in respect of my career choices. This was key for me, as I wanted to make changes beyond my working life. She was non-judgmental, incredibly supportive, and consistent as I worked through some challenging, constructive, and ultimately transformative decisions. I would (and already do - regularly!) recommend Carmel as a coach to anyone at any stage in their life and career.

    Learning and Development- 3 Mobile

  • Equilibrium Coaching

    I worked with Carmel about a year ago while I was wrapping up my start-up and figuring what my next career move would be. Carmel was an excellent sounding board and offered insightful yet practical advice. Her ability to spot common traits in an otherwise eclectic career history proved invaluable. I have no hesitation in recommending Carmel to anyone at a crossroads in their career.

    Sales & Marketing Ops at Sitecore

  • Equilibrium Coaching

    Carmel provided a valuable sounding board for me as I was planning my next career move. I found her very knowledgable in the areas of interview techniques and also giving me some additional areas to think about as I was transitioning into my next position.

    I would have no hesitation recommending Carmel as someone to speak with if you are wondering about what direction to take your career in next or if you just want some additional support in getting ready for that next job interview

    Head of Sales & Development EMEA

  • Equilibrium Coaching

    Carmel's lectures gave me probably some of the most practical knowledge I have ever gained. I had the pleasure of having Carmel as my lecturer of Career and Personal Development module in TU Dublin I was particularly impressed with practicality of information and the way it was communicated by Carmel, in an easy to understand and comprehensive manner. I was recently offered a job that I consider my dream role, but surely this wouldn't be the case without the insight and guidelines I received from Carmel. As a mature student and IT professional, Carmel earns my highest recommendation for anyone who wishes to progress with their career and understand how recruitment processes work.

    Senior Software Engineer UHG

  • Equilibrium Coaching

    Attended one of Carmel's career coaching workshop and by far one of the best I had. She is very knowledgeable in how to design your CV, interview skills and how best to structure your LinkedIn profile. If you are ever looking for a career advice, especially if you are career changing, I would seriously recommend Carmel.

    Program Manager-Republic of Work

  • Equilibrium Coaching

    Carmel is an extremely capable and empathetic coach who helped unlock next steps and clarity of direction. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her.

    Procurement Category Manager

  • Clarity to Confidence Clarity to Confidence Online Course

    An online course for anyone ready to make a change in their career or life.

    This course will teach you a three-step process that I use in individual career and mindset coaching sessions to help my clients discover their passion and purpose. 

    EUR 195.00
    image testimonial

    Carmel is like the Marie Kondo of thoughts.

    Clarity to Confidence has encouraged and supported me to recognise and prioritise my own values.

    It is easy to get lost in the thoughts of others but Carmel brings you back to the importance of making space for "you".


  • Equilibrium Coaching
    20210410_165542 (003)

    My first experience with Carmel was in 2014, just after I graduated as a nurse. I was feeling quite lost and even though I had just worked so hard to qualify and finish my degree, I had had my doubts about nursing for a while. My first session with Carmel really allowed me to explore all of my options and gave me the confidence to make some bold decisions about my future. A few months later I moved abroad and have since lived in three different countries and I haven’t looked back since. I often said that those coaching sessions were the best thing I ever did! Fast forward to the end of 2020 when I once again found myself at a crossroads about what the next best step was regarding my career, this time living abroad in another country. I knew this time what I wanted to do, but I really had no idea how to do it, mostly because I am living in a non-English speaking country so the idea of studying here was quite daunting. I did not hesitate to get back in touch with Carmel. She was able to facilitate remote sessions through zoom, which were just as personal and effective as doing them face to face. She once again gave fantastic coaching and guidance and most importantly, she gave me the confidence to take the next step. A few months on from then, I have successfully completed the state exams in my second language and have secured my place in a course to study for my dream job.
    I cannot recommend her highly enough!



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